Cinematographer I



Greg Harriott is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NY.  Greg’s career began with a six week documentary shoot in the Peruvian Amazon filming from dugout canoes, battling constant rain, and working without electricity.  A decade later, his varied body of work includes shooting with LGBT activists in Nigeria in the wake of anti-gay legislation, a music video with first lady Michelle Obama in the White House, award-winning narrative feature + short films, and commercials for major brands like Pepsi, Reebok, Armani, and Alfa Romeo.

In 2013 Greg won a Daytime Emmy for filming Born to Explore with Richard Wiese, a travel adventure show that took him to over a dozen countries between 2011 - 2014.  While filming in Chile, Greg had to battle a pushy horse in a now viral video that played on CNN, Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres show, and has over 100 million views online.

Greg's approach to images varies between every project - there is no one style that fits all stories.  His strong documentary background allows him to connect with the people in each project and work together to tell the best story.

Contact: / 484 264 6993